Welcome Home!

bees coneflower

I am so happy to announce that after several years of going chemical-free in our yard and garden, we now have an enormous amount of bee visitors.  I wish I could say that they were honeybees; we used to get a lot of honeybees, but, sadly, we haven’t had any honeybee visitors for the last several years.  However, we have lots and lots of bumblebees hanging out on our cone flowers.  I wish you could see them.  My husband started them from seed several years ago, and they continue to multiply every year.  Cone flowers are a triple play, environmentally speaking.  They provide plentiful pollen and nectar for both bees and butterflies, and in the fall, the finches use them as a plentiful source of seed.  Not a bad deal for the cost of one packet of seed.  Our soil is miserable, heavy clay.  These beauties thrive with no special care, and they need very little watering.  Usually whatever rain we get takes care of their water needs.


I’m starting to see a lot of ads for back to school supplies.  Stores are selling them at rock-bottom prices.  I also signed up to get bargain notices at The Krazy Coupon Lady (thekrazycouponlady.com)  This is a good time to pick up some things to drop off at a local school.   Through this site, I discovered that Old Navy had kids’ clothing on sale, so I ordered a few t-shirts to drop off at the school with the supplies.

By the way, are you familiar with a magazine called “Woman’s World”?  They have a regular feature called, “Help A Hero!  In their July 3 issue, they suggested sending unused Lowes or Home Depot gift cards to Building Homes for Heroes (BuildingHomesForHeroes.org).  The proceeds will be used to purchase construction supplies to build and modify homes for troops who have been injured during active duty.  Mail cards to Building Homes for Heroes, Inc., 65 Roosevelt Ave, Ste 105, Valley Stream, NY 11581.

Till the next time,


“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

Booker T. Washington


2 thoughts on “Welcome Home!

    1. That goes to show that I still have much to learn. I have Mason bees houses and try to plant pollinator-friendly plants. Also, there are is no insecticide or herbicide use at this house! Now, if I can just talk my husband into converting our little plot of land into a no-mow land. . .


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