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I’m not sure quite how it happened, but while surfing the net (do people still say that?) the other day I came across a link to the “From the Heart” group on Facebook. As I understand it, this is a closed group, so you must apply and be approved by the group moderator. So I did. It is a lovely group that is doing lovely things. This group is for spreading good cheer to the elderly through cards of all types. People post requests for cards to be sent to friends and relatives who need a little cheer in their lives.

There is also a related group “From the Heart, Santas for Seniors”. Again, people request Christmas cards or little gifts for someone they know who otherwise would have a lonely Christmas.

There is also a group called “Postcards for Kindness”. I don’t see as many requests on this site as the “From the Heart”, but kindness is kindness and I am glad to share it anyway I can.

And I also recently discovered a site called “Cards4Kindness”, which is for students who are interested in making a positive impact around the world.

If there are any teachers or parents who follow this blog, and you would like cards or postcards to be sent to your students or children, just let me know in the comments section.

I have already started sending out cards and postcards. Just visiting these sites has brought me so much happiness. I think of all these people as friends I have not yet met. Maybe someday.

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“Thoughtfulness, the kindly regard for others, is the beginning of holiness.”                                                                  Mother Theresa

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