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My son forwarded me this link in an attempt to help me deal with my bad hair days (of which I seem to have my fair share). This led me to discover the Rita Headband collection. These headbands are similar to what athletes wear, wider in the front and narrower in the back. According to their site, these bands will “hold your hair, stop the sweat and celebrate freedom.”

With every purchase of the headbands and other items on their site you provide care and counseling for victims of human trafficking to help heal their emotional scars and to give them a bright future. You also offer housing and employment to these women . 100% of profits are used to free and empower these former slaves.

I invite you to shop their online store. They have quality, attractive items and a great selection of bags. You can also donate directly to the Aruna Project. Each donation directly affects the lives of these women.

Choose Love,


“What you give you get, ten times over.”           Yoruba Proverb

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