Reduction in SNAP benefits

Just when it seems as though food prices are rising higher than ever, I spotted a news article informing us that 35 states will lose their SNAP (grocery) benefits after February issuances. I understand that it was supposed to supplement incomes during the pandemic, but unfortunately, this will still be a hardship to many Americans. As bad as this seems, this is our chance to do some good in the world, Deposit a can of food in the local food collection. From what I understand, soup is a good choice, because soup can be a meal, particularly when combined with rice. You might also want to donate a box of cereal or oatmeal, this also comes in handy for breakfasts. I also like Tuna Helper, because you can add a can of tuna, and have a complete shelf stable meal. Also, from what I understand, schools need food to pack in students’ backpacks, so give the students cracker packs, mac-n-cheese cans. and individual boxes of cereal. This will ease some of the burden for families.

I used to pack up birthday cake kits for shelters and food banks, and was hesitant to do that because of the price of eggs, but now I can give people affordable egg alternative ideas to include with them.

I will probably make copies of this substitution list for the soup kitchens and food banks.

When you’re baking and run out of eggs

  • 1 egg = 2 tablespoons water + 2 teaspoons baking powder + 1 teaspoon vegetable oil.
  • 1 egg = 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce or mashed banana.
  • 1 egg = 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds and 3 tablespoons of water.
  • 1 egg = 3 tablespoons aquafaba.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with aquafaba, it is the liquid in the cans of garbanzo beans. Plus, the garbanzo are a protein-packed bonus for salads or soups. I am also happy to report that Bob’s Red Mill also has a powdered egg replacement product that is shelf stable.

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That’s all for now.


“Let no one be discouraged by the belief there is nothing one person can do against the enormous array of the world’s ills, misery, ignorance, and violence. Few will have the greatness to bend history, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. And in the total of all those acts will be written the history of a generation.”  Robert F. Kennedy

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